Rock Your Unmedicated Birth in a Hospital 

Even if you are scared, unprepared, or doubting yourself.

Join the Ranks of those that have achieved it.

You may have been conditioned that birth is scary:

  • If you have you ever been to a baby shower, you know women LOVE to sit around and tell their “war stories” of their own labor experiences.
  • If you have ever watched a movie or TV show with a woman in labor you know exactly how it goes down, woman’s water breaks, she immediately starts screaming and doesn’t stop screaming until she is a sweaty mess as she pushes her baby out..”
  • If you have a mom that never let you forget “what I went through to bring you into the world.”
  • If while you have been pregnant you have had acquaintances, maybe even strangers express that “you have no idea” what you are in for.

Then you know there isn’t a lot of support out there for women who want an empowered and exceptional birth experience.

But there is something inside you that tells you your birth can be different. You understand that birth is challenging, but overcoming challenges is in your DNA.


As your belly grows and you feel your baby move inside you, you cannot wait to hold that sweet baby in your arms and explode with excitement when you say,


You will emerge a stronger and more confident woman. You will grow in ways that you never knew possible.— no matter how your birth unfolds.

We KNOW you can do it! We can feel it, you have it within you to have an amazing birth. And we can help you get there.





Even if you took the childbirth prep class at the hospital, they only address birth in general. Not HOW to achieve an UNMEDICATED birth.
Being unmedicated means:
  • Mobility

    Changing positions and moving around doesn’t just benefit you. Your baby has to move down through a tight area and being up and shifting your body makes it so your baby doesn’t get stuck or in a situation for failure to progress.

  • Control

    Feeling what’s going inside your body makes you the expert on what is happening as your labor unfolds. You will know what you need and can take appropriate action.

  • Recovery

    There is a lot less opportunity for side-effects when there are no medications involved. Plus women who have unmedicated births profess that their healing after baby is smoother and faster.

  • Achievement

    Being able to experience the incredible feelings of success as you hold your brand new baby, there just really isn’t anything quite like it. We often hear moms with big grins say “I can’t believe I did it! I really did it!!”

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

  • Unmedicated birth academy - ($647 value)

  • Bonus: Partner Course- ($247 value)
  • Private Members Only Facebook community- (priceless)
  • Guides, worksheets, and PDFs - ($297)

Total Value: $1,191

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

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Even though the reasons to have an unmedicated birth are obvious, the path to doing it successfully

is anything but direct. 

The 3 Reasons


(and how to guarantee YOU will have the birth of your dreams)

Reason #1

Not Properly Supported.

Sticking with a care provider that isn’t aligned with the goals.

How did you find your current care-provider?  Did you get a recommendation from your friends? Or maybe you just picked the first one you saw that was in you insurance network?

Too many women go to one care provider and believe they are stuck with them.

Once you have figured out your birth goals; what it is you want most for your birth, talk to your care provider about them.

It is important to have them on board and supportive of what your want for you to actually achieve it.

If your care provider isn’t showing up they way you need, find a new one. It is NEVER too late to find a new provider. (Even if you are 40 weeks.)

Reason #2

Not Knowing Your Options.

Or worse, feeling like you have been walked over because there is a lack of clarity around what your options are.

There are so many choices you have to make throughout pregnancy for your labor and birth and many potential confusion points along the way.

Intermittent monitoring, episiotomy, and delayed cord clamping, are just a few examples of some of the decisions you have to make.

It’s easy to get stuck and confused. And then if things spiral, women are somehow made believe they have a broken body.

The amazing thing is that just by being educated in your options the probability of having a positive birth experience significantly increases. When you know better, you do better.

Reason #3

The Fear --> Tension -->Pain Cycle

Being controlled by your pain, instead of controlling your pain.

We have been inundated with scary stories surrounding birth, it’s hard not to be fearful of the unknown that labor is.

Understanding that when you have fear it actually affects your birth by creating more tension which then creates more pain and it spirals into a vicious cycle.

What is super cool is if you can learn to relax your mind and your body while you labor you can break that cycle and lessen the pain of contractions.

And learning to relax takes conditioning and practice, BUT it's pretty easy, we can teach you how.

We are going to let you in on a little secret...

Any healthy woman with a normal pregnancy can have an unmedicated birth. 

Its about getting your mind in the right place, educating yourself on your options and trusting your gut, and putting into place a team that will support and advocate for you as you labor and birth.

These might be things you already know but the real biggest question we hear from moms is:


How do I get my mind in the right place?
How do I know what is important to know and if I have learned all my options?
How do I advocate for myself?
How do I communicate my needs to my support system?

That is exactly what we would LOVE to teach you. And we not only want to teach you how to have an unmedicated birth, we want to teach you how to have a faster and easier birth. 

So when you are on the other side of labor, snuggling your precious baby in your arms after the best birth ever, you can confidently say “I FREAKING DID THAT!"

Yes Please! That's what I want!


The complete implementation plan to equip your mind, body, and spirit with everything you need to achieve your ideal birth.

We have taken everything we have learned from the last 15+ years in the birth industry. Years of being doulas and attending births, teaching hundreds of couples how to have successful unmedicated births. And channeled it into this comprehensive course that not only teaches you the path to having your ideal birth but it sets you up for a successful transition into motherhood.

Unmedicated birth academy isn’t just a childbirth education class it is an implementation program and a support community.

The end result:

A birth experience  that you loved. You love to remember and you love to talk about.

A birth experience that you come away from feeling powerful and respect for what your body is capable of.

A birth experience where you knew that the preparation and practice was what made all the difference.

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7 Monthly Payments of




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 Unmedicated Birth Academy is the ONLY program of its kind that…

  1. Helps you feel completely supported! We are here for you! You can never have too many people in your corner when it comes to your birth and we have got your back!
  2.  Teaches you exactly how to achieve your birthing goals. We take all the confusion out of what you need to know so you will feel like a pro when your due date approaches.
  3. Prepares you with ample tools to combat the fear tension pain cycle. We even supply you with tools to turn anxious into the eagerly excited as you anticipate your birth. So cool!

Here's how we'll help you get here:

Section 1: Understanding the body’s perfect design.

Our bodies are so dang cool. We break down all the things your body is doing while you are pregnant and growing a baby. Which is super helpful in clarifying what is normal and necessary. There are so many “ah-ha” moments in these lessons that this section might be all you need to feel more confident for your labor.

  •  We take away the mystery of what is going on inside your body.
  • Understanding how all the parts work together will clarify what is normal and necessary. 
  • Learn how to leverage your own body parts to work better for you.
  • We delve into the fascinating history of childbirth and how it’s actually affecting your pregnancy right now. Sometimes to understand where you are going you have to understand where we are coming from.
  • It might surprise you but Your brain is the best asset you have for your success in your birth goals. Find out exactly how to use it.
  • It’s amazing that our bodies just know how to give birth. Learn what it takes to let your body “take over” and still feel in control.

Section 2: Implementing the Body / Mind Connection

We learned what our body does for us in pregnancy and birth in the last lesson. In this lesson we are going to take all those amazing functions our body does without even consciously thinking about it and train those functions how to work for ourselves in achieving our ideal birth.

  • We hear it all the time, unmedicated birth takes the right “mind-set” we delve into what that means and how it helps your labor.
  • We supply you with ample guided imagery scripts and gratitude practices for you to shift into peace and calm and dissipate any anxiety or worry.
  • This section is not only crazy helpful for your birth but for your life. Everything in this lesson are life skills you can apply FOREVER.
  • Establish a deeper bond with your unborn baby.
  • How using Affirmations can help you trust yourself and get you to your goals.

Section 3: Breathing techniques

The number one thing women who want to have an unmedicated birth think they need to know is how to breathe. They aren’t wrong. Not only is breathing important but HOW you breathe makes a huge difference.

  • Getting oxygen to your baby, the right way and the wrong way
  • How breathing can make your labor faster and your contractions more effective.
  • How to avoid the forced hold-your-breath pushing and and still have it be smooth and productive.
  • Straight-forward teaching on three different breathing techniques, when you use them, and we provide practice videos.

Section 4: The Building Blocks

All the lessons in this section compound on the last section to give your unmedicated birth the foundation it needs for success. If you set all these things up exactly how you want it in the beginning you will essentially be unstoppable!

  • The importance of selecting the perfect care-provider for you.
  • Nutrition and how implementing healthy habits early can help you avoid possible problems in your pregnancy later on.
  • Understanding The Fear Tension Pain cycle can set you on a path to releasing those limiting beliefs.
  • We do a deep dive into relaxation. Because relaxation is not culturally practiced it is something that needs to be conditioned. We go through the why, how, and when.

Section 5: Before Full-Term

Now that you have your base structure of knowledge from all the previous lessons we now get to examine all the options you will want to consider before you get to full-term.


  • Our personal favorite, using a fear release script to abate your fears and anxieties that have creeped in so you can proceed forward with calm confidence.
  • Understanding the equation of due dates and how to get past the mental game.
  • That huge cocktail of hormones coursing through your body find out what are they doing and why are they important.
  • One of our students favorite: how to advocate for yourself. Learning your rights in a hospital.
  • Ways your body is preping for labor.
  • Even though you will be having you baby in a hospital doesn’t mean you can’t make it your own space, learn how to set the atmosphere you love.

Section 6: Physical Support in Labor

Most of what we teach you is specific to you, the mama. But here comes the section where your partner and support team will be doing the heavy lifting.

  • Decide who you want to be at your brith and assign them a specific roll(s) on how they can support you.
  • We teach you and your team all the comfort measure and modifications to labor positions to help make you more comfortable while you move through contractions.
  • Actual practice videos of position changes and comfort measure with modifications.
  • We teach you how to get all the details you need to make informed decisions even if unforeseen circumstances arise in your labor.
  • Set up a birth preference sheet so you can communicate clearly with your care provider your birthing goals and make a plan on how you are going to achieve them with their help.

Section 7: Birth Forecast

You are now full-term your due date is quickly approaching, you are uncomfortable and ready to get your baby out. But when will real labor actually happen?? We prep you for those long days and how to evaluate yourself and your likelihood of labor.

We walk you through the whole labor process, all the options you have, what to expect, and things to be aware of. This section is where you get to see your body’s amazing design really in action, it’s so cool.

  • How to evaluate how ripe your body is for labor by delving into all the ways your cervix changes.
  • The difference between natural and chemical inductions and how to make any type of induction more effective.
  • Run down of all the phases of labor, how to know what’s happening and what you can do to make it easier.
  • Dive deep into Great things to know like skin to skin and delayed cord clamping.

Section 8: The 4th Trimester

Your baby is born! And now all the hard work is done…Right??

Before you even lay your eyes on your sweet baby, we will help you navigate through the postpartum phase. The space of healing and bonding with your brand new baby.

  • How to set up a postpartum plan and manage expectations of yourself, your partner and everyone around you.
  • What recovery and healing your body means.
  • How to communicate your needs to family and friends.
  • How to write your birth story as a way to connect and relive this transformative moment in your life. 

We know you are going to love it, but just in case you don't...

Unmedicated Birth Academy is a one-of-a-kind childbirth education course that takes you by the hand, guiding you, not only on what needs to happen in order for you to take control of your birthing and reach your goals, but HOW to implement everything you learn for your labor and delivery.

By the end of the first 14 days, you’ll have received access to the first several modules and will have had the opportunity to establish a positive mentality and create clarity in your ability to have an unmedicated birth.

If you don’t feel totally confident and motivated by the prospect of achieving your ideal birth, simply reach out, show us you’ve put in the work, and we’ll refund your investment. Full details here>> 

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

  • Unmedicated birth academy - ($647 value)

  • Bonus: Partner Course- ($247 value)
  • Private Members Only Facebook community- (priceless)
  • Guides, worksheets, and PDFs - ($297)

Total Value: $1,191

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

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7 Monthly Payments of




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How the Course is Formatted:

  • There are two weeks of opportunity to get into UBA.
    If you buy anytime within those two weeks you immediately get a login and access to the course where you will find:
    • Introduction to the course
    • Meet the instructors
    • Your first guided imagery practice script that focuses on priming your mind for learning.
    • Access to the Private Facebook Community
      • Jump in the group and introduce yourself. Start to get to know the other ladies.
  • Once the cart closes You will have access to Section 1.
    As you move through and complete each lesson it will “unlock” the next lesson. You get to go through the course as quickly or slowly as you wish.
  • Aleena and April will be showing up LIVE periodically in the private Facebook group to answer your specific questions.


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